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Question: Discuss About The Global Franchising Operations Management? Answer: Introduction Guzman Y Gomez is a restaurant chain operating in Australia. The restaurant chain specializes in foods such as nachos, quesadillas, burritos and other traditional dishes. The model of the business is a franchise and it has more than 64 stores operating in Australia. The franchises also operate several outlets in Singapore and some in Japan. The company has an aggressive expansion strategy that has helped the company to expand in Australia over the years and also outside Australia. The first outlet was opened in the year 2006 in Newton, Sydney. Within a year of opening the first restaurant, two more followed closely with Bondi Junction and the Kings Cross branches opening. The first Guzman and Gomez branch in Melbourne was opened in the year 2012.The businesses strategic plan is to expand to all the major urban areas in Australia while at the same time expanding internationally. The local market has a lot of potential for growth and therefore, the company is dedicated to committing it s resources to enable expand. The aim of the expansion plan is to help increase the profit margins while at the same time growing their brand name. The company has five restaurants in Singapore which are performing extremely well. The restaurants are gaining a lot of customers in Singapore due to their specialization in Tex-Mex dishes. The business began with 15 staff in its Newtown and currently, it has more than 100 staff. The initial investment by the company was about $450,000. Currently, the business has annual revenues in excess of $4 million (Perritt, Henry 2016). This case study analyzes the history of the company, the ownership model and the strategies that the business has employed to become successful in the market. The case study report also identifies the Analysis of the literature review of Guzman Y Gomez In its expansion plan. The business needs to put into consideration the various factors that could have an impact on the business. The first idea is the changing in the form of business to make it a franchise. The factors such as the effect on the ownership forms and the financing method need to be discussed before making important financing decisions. Currently, Guzman and Gomez have been the fastest growing brand in Australia for the past one year. The restaurant serves Mexican food and it has an eye for good customer relationship and service. The literature review evaluates the mission and vision of Guzman and Gomez. The mission of the company is to become a global leading restaurant chain specializing in Mexican dishes. The vision of GYG is to expand and reach customers both locally and abroad while fulfilling the needs of consumers and giving customers value for their money. The literature review also signifies the importance of specialization in the growth of Guzman. The compan ys specialization in the Mexican dishes has helped GYG to cut a niche for itself in the competitive restaurant chain. The case study mainly focuses on the companies` expansion plans. The study analyzes the core factors that are important for the company to expand successfully. These factors are the potential of the new market, the marketing mix of the company, communication plan, promotion strategies and the resources available to finance the expansion. The management of the company intends to expand the company because of the increased demand it has witnessed from customers. The ability of the company to meet the needs of the customers has endeared it to many customers in different locations in Australia. The standards of service at the Guzman Y Gomez also make it an attractive restaurant for many customers who love Mexican dishes. Due to this demand, the ownership of the company saw it fit to adopt the franchise model in order to help reach the unexploited market. Failure to exploit this market may lead to competitors taking advantage of the gap and hence the company will lose an important investm ent opportunity. The franchisee model will allow a new strategic investor to inject capital into the business in exchange for a share of the company. The new capital will be used to open new branches for the company and hence reaching more customers and making the brand more popular. The management of the restaurant believes that there are two kinds of customers. The first type of customer is the one who prefers fresh guacamole and the second one is wrong (Ritzer, 2011). The restaurant aims at offering customers fresh food and of the best quality without compromising anything. This has been important in retaining existing customers and in attracting new customers. The literature review also explains the benefits of expanding the Guzman and Gomez. The main purpose of franchising the business is to help expand the geographical coverage of the company. The franchising is meant to help the company open many more branches in various locations locally and abroad. The expansion will also help the company to hire new personnel and hire more facilities to open up new branches. The other importance of expanding the business is that the business to increase its customer base. The increase in the number of customers will help the company to increase its sales volumes. This, in turn, will help to increase profits for the company. The expansion of Guzman and Gomez will help the company to expand its brand to other countries and the brand value of hence the company will become more valuable. The literature review also explains that the transformation of the business will give the company a solid financial base. This is important in ensuring the business impr oves standards and maintains a good liquidity position. The financial muscle will be useful in helping the company to take advantage of new opportunities that may arise (Plunkett, 2017). The relocation of the business to foreign countries will help the company to tap into the markets especially in South East Asia where the Mexican dishes may be popular. The literature review does not adequately address the costs that the expansion will incur to the business. The literature review in this section only discusses the positives that will come as a result of this expansion and fails to explain the disadvantages that may come as a result of the franchise. Guzman and Gomez need to analyze and weigh the decision to expand the business using franchising model. In order to evaluate this decision, it is important to use the business expansion strategies. These strategies aid in assessing the impact of each of the factors that may have an impact on the business. The strategies will help Guzman Y Gomez to access the risks that exist in this business. The strategies also help to identify the trends in this industry. In addition to these, the expansion strategies will aid the company in assessing the policies and legislation that are significant for this business to open new branches in other countries (Plunkett, 2007). Franchise agreements need to be carefully analyzed in order to help the owners get the best deal out of negotiations. Expansion of the business regionally poses a big challenge to the management since it requires a lot of dedication and traveling to ensure that the new branches are keeping up with the standards set by the compa ny (Allen Albala, 2007) The understanding of foreign markets may need Guzman Y Gomez to reach an agreement with partners who will help to make the operations of the company in the foreign countries. The policies and industry trends for Thailand, for instance, are not the same as those of Australia. It is therefore crucially important for Guzman Y Gomez to understand the complexities and the trends in the new country it is starting operations. This has to start with the company authorizing a market research to be carried out. The market research shall focus on the food and restaurant industry in general. This is important to help the company gain insight on the entire industry and understand know the competitors. Another study should be initiated with the aim of understanding the needs, tastes, and preferences of consumers. The consumers are becoming more and more complicated and therefore before venturing into the new market, it is important for the business to understand the consumer. The new markets may not be so much into Mexican dishes and therefore, It is very important for the business to understand what the consumer in the new market prefers. This will help the restaurant chain to offer services and products that are suitable for this market. To understand the legal requirements and handles in expanding to new countries, the restaurant chain needs to identify a legal company to help it in acquiring the right documentation to help start the business (Mcmurray clendon, 2011). In its expansion efforts, Guzman Y Gomez needs to identify ensure that they have ample supply of raw materials. The restaurant needs to identify potential suppliers who will supply them with the materials that are needed to start the business. For the sake of quality and standards, it is very crucial for the company to contract farmers who will be able to farm to and sell to the company at an agreed. The contracted farmer's agreement can be very helpful for the Guzman Y Gomez since it will help the company to ensure a constant supply of raw materials and hence assuring a constant supply of meals to the customer. Lacking reliable suppliers for the hotel industry can be very disastrous since it will result in a situation where the supply is less than the demand.(Chan Zakkour, 2014 )At the end of the day, customers will go back home dissatisfied and disappointed since they will not have fulfilled their needs. When this continues for a while, customers will run away and buy from other re staurants. The loss of customer loyalty leads to loss of revenue for the company and reduction of sales. This will also hurt the image and brand name of the company. The absence of a proper agreement with the suppliers who in this case are the farmers of farm produce required to prepare this meals may lead to a decline in the standards set by Guzman Y Gomez. The quality of the farm produce supplied may be poor and this may scare away customers and therefore the company will end up losing a lot of revenue. The literature review also discusses the benefits and reasons why Guzman Y Gomez is choosing the franchising model over other models that would have helped the company achieve its expansion plans. The author argues that the franchising model is the safest of all the options available. He argues that the model is free from any potential risks. Franchising model has benefits to both sellers and to the buyers of the franchise. The franchiser mainly benefits by getting financial assistance from another person, the franchise. Through this funding, the franchiser is able to expand his/her business and therefore increase their returns. The franchise model will also enable the company to initiate new training and employee development scheme. This will help to improve customer service and efficiency of employees. The selling power of Guzman Y Gomez will also be enhanced through the franchising agreement. The agreement will help to provide extra funds which can be used to market the brand name of the restaurant and the business. This, in turn, results in increased customers hence increase in sales. Some of the most successful franchising enterprises include McDonald`s and Panera Bread.(Alon,2012) Both of these companies operate in the fast food and restaurant industry. Despite the many benefits indicated on the franchising enterprise, there are many disadvantages of the franchising model. One of the disadvantages of the models is that it requires the company to use colors of the company it has entered into an agreement with. This means that the Independence of the brand will be interfered with and this may confuse customers. The franchising model will interfere with the profit and loss sharing margins. Even thou the franchise will help to grow the franchiser's business, the franchise needs to recover the invested money and this can only happen by them gaining a substantial portion of the profits generated over the years(Gagnon Gagnon, 2011). Another major shortcoming that is associated with the franchising model is that the franchise has the power to make decisions and is involved in the management of the business. In a case where the visions and ideas of the franchiser and the franchisee are not in line, the company may be mismanaged and this may lead to failure of the business. It is therefore very important for both parties to be in agreement to understand the goal s and objectives of one another in order to prevent failure of the business. There exist various different models of franchises for restaurant chains. These models include the fast casual, fast food and full service. The fast food model is also known as quick service restaurants which do not specialize in table service. Fast-casual is considered to be on between the full restaurant and the fast food restaurant and it may include cafes` and take-away hotels. The third model is the full service. These usually offer a complete selection of menus and also offer table service. The Guzman Y Gomez is under the full-service model where customers have to make choices on the dishes and also have table service. The expansion of Guzman Y Gomez will also be very appropriate through the franchise model since the model will give the franchiser to focus on products and research on the market and hence help to meet the needs of the customers better. The ownership of the restaurant chain does not change and therefore, the franchiser will remain motivated to become successful and to increase the profit margins. It is advantageous for Guzman Y Gomez to seek a franchise since the franchisees will help the business to expand at a fast rate. The fast expansion of the business leads to an increased customer base and increased revenues (Perritt Henry, 2016). In a case where the company decides to expand on its own effort, it may take very many years for the company to expand beyond the boundaries and this leads to loss of opportunities and revenue. Since there is a lot of competition in the market, it is very necessary for the company to adopt an expansion strategy to help the company become the market leader before the competitors take over the market. Market leadership in this niche market will help Guzman Y Gomez to have a competitive advantage over its rivals, the competitive advantage may be in form of financial resources or human resources as well as experience in the market. The financial resource advantage can be helpful to the company to help it begin differentiated products and services which the competitors are not able to finance. The company can also attract and recruit highly qualified and experienced staff who will contribute significantly to the growth of the company. The literature review on Guzman Y Gomez does not clearly explain the marketing plans that the company has in order to ensure that the expansion is met with enthusiasm from customers. The review also fails to identify Analysis of competitors Guzman Y Gomez (GYG) is a fast food chain of restaurants specializing in Australian dishes. The restaurant chain has taken Australia by storm and everyone is excited about the products of the company as well as the services it offers. The company is about to become one of the most popular takeaway outlets in Australia. The company is operating in an industry where there are many competitors. The competitors include direct and indirect competitors. The main competitors of GYG are the popular fast food joints such as MacDonald`s, Pizza Hut Australia, Subway and Yum restaurants Australia (Jou, 2017). Thou MacDonald`s does in not specialize in Mexican dishes, it is seen as the main competitors to GYG since they are both in the fast food industry and the products offered to customers are almost similar. This section will, therefore, analyze MacDonald`s as the main competitor of GYG. The section analyzes the products that the competitors offer and how these products relate with those of GY G. It also evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor in order to identify their competitive advantage. This also helps to understand the weaknesses of the competitors which can be taken advantage of by GYG and exploited to become good business opportunities for the company (Pilcher,2014). This section also identifies the trends in this industry as well as the industry drivers in the fast food industry in Australia. History of the company MacDonald`s is a fast food company which was formed in the USA in the year 1940. It was operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald in California. The company grew in the USA and later expanded to other countries such as Australia. Currently, MacDonald`s Australia is the market leader in the fast food market in Australia. The company has grown over the years to the point of almost dominating the fast food market in Australia. Over the past few years, competition has been increasing from companies such as GYG, subway, and Dominos Products offered by McDonald`s MacDonald`s has a wide range of products and brands. Some of these brands include; Hamburgers, chicken, French fries, soft drinks, salads, desserts, coffee, breakfast, and milkshakes. The company has a wide product portfolio which helps to increase its revenue. MacDonald`s has received a lot of criticism from consumers and other stakeholders due to the unhealthy nature of its products (Walker, 2008). This criticism resulted in a change in McDonald`s strategy and the company introduced new products such as fish, salads and fruits. Business model Most of McDonald`s restaurants are operated by a franchisee. The company owns all the land on which the restaurants are located. Most of the companys revenue in Australia comes from rental payments from franchisees. The company also has a few outlets that are operated and directly managed by the company itself. Strengths and weaknesses of MacDonald`s Australia Just like every company, MacDonald`s has many strengths and weaknesses. The strengths of the company are the factors that have given the company a competitive advantage hence helping the company to become competitive over all those years. The weaknesses are the challenges that the business is facing or the loopholes which can be corrected to make the company competitive. One of the biggest strength of MacDonald`s is that it is the second biggest chain of fast food restaurants in the world. The company operates more than 36,000 restaurants globally including franchised outlets. The company operates in more than 120 countries globally (Hayes Laudan, 2009). This helps to give the company a competitive advantage over the competitors. This is because the company is able to obtain revenue from different streams and in case one of the outlets s not performing well, this can be offset by the good performance of the other restaurants. The location of the restaurants across many locations helps McDonald`s to spread risk and to reach a higher number of customers. McDonald`s records the highest yearly sales. In the 2017 financial records, the company announced sales revenue of US$24.622 billion. Due to the huge size of the business, McDonald`s is able to enjoy economies of scale. When this is compared to the size of GYG, McDonald is a very big giant in the industry. The fixed costs of the company are shared across all the branches that it operates hence helping to minimize costs for the company. Another strength of McDonald`s is that the company has operated since 1940 and hence has over 70 years of experience in this industry. GYG has been in operation for barely 11 years now. The long stay in the industry helps the company to understand the industry trends and tricks and hence be able to manage risks better and to design more effective strategies (Best, 2017). McDonald`s has a capacity to attract more skilled and highly qualified employees compared to its rivals such as GYG. This is because the companies` brand is more attractive and recognized and they have better remuneration terms than many other competitors in the industry. MacDonald`s can also use its market power over suppliers to influence them to reduce price which helps the company to reduce the costs of production. This can be transferred to the final consumer and the companys products are cheaper and affordable to the customer hence attracting more customers. Another strength that McDonald`s possesses that makes it enjoy a competitive advantage over rivals is that the company is the most recognizable brand internationally. In the year 2015, McDonald`s was ranked as the 9th most valuable brand globally by Forbes magazine (Best, 2017). The brand awareness helps in the introduction of new products to existing and new customers. Despite the many strengths indicated of the business, there are also various weaknesses of McDonald`s. The biggest weakness is that the companys products are viewed mostly as unhealthy and therefore customers are being cautious on what they consume. The increasing health concern for customers has brought about a decline in companies` sales. The market share of McDonald`s has been declining in the recent past. This has been mainly due to their unhealthy products or due to increased competition from companies such as KFC GYG and Subway (Dempster, 2010). This stiff competition has eaten into the market share of McDonald`s. There has been a challenge of disgruntled franchisees. The challenge has been brought about due to the tough restrictions and conditions put by the company while negotiating the deals. The franchisees are dissatisfied because they are not able to gain the profit share they targeted. The new product development has been very slow in McDonald`s. The company has introduced very few new products with products like salads being introduced just recently due to pressure from various stakeholders. This has really affected the standing of the company in the industry which is becoming ever competitive by the day. McDonald`s has an opportunity to expand even further and exploit new emerging markets such as China and India. The company also has an opportunity to enter into Joint Venture with retailers like supermarkets. This would help in distribution of the companies` products. There is the need and opportunity for the company to respond to social change through innovation. The company should focus on developing products that are healthier and change the positioning of the company in the industry. There is an opportunity for the company to use CRM and database marketing in order to market more accurately to the desired target group. This will help the company to reduce the costs of marketing. There is a threat of the industry becoming mature soon rather than later. This, therefore, means that the declining stage is about to begin and it will be characterized by decreasing sales and declining profit margins. The threat of competition is also very huge and real. Smaller companies` have become even more competitive in the recent past. They have been on the mission of developing new products and expanding rapidly to various countries globally. Such companies include the GYG which specializes in Mexican dishes and Subway as well as KFC. This company threatens to eat into the market share of the McDonald`s. The changing demographics mean that the consumer tastes and preferences have changed and hence there is need to understand what the consumers want. The emergence of more health-conscious customers has become a threat to most of the companies in this industry since most of the products are viewed as contributing to being overweight and other health complications. The global combined revenues of the companies in the fast food industry are over $570 billion. In the United States alone, the revenues were estimated to be slightly above $200 billion in the year 2015. This is a huge growth from the 1970s overall revenues of about $6 billion. The global fast food industry is expected to grow at a rate of 2.5% per year for the next five years. The consumers in this industry mainly focus on tastes, prices, and quality of products being offered. Customers also focus on the quality of service, consistency of customer experience, affordability as well as speed. Fast food restaurants and fast casuals make up a significant portion of the industries` market share. The restaurants have a reputation for consistency, simplicity, good feel and music. Customers order and pay at the counter and then take the food out or grab a tray to sit and enjoy the meal. There is no table service in this model. The Mexican food has been slowly eating into the market share of hamburgers which were the most popular fast food in the restaurant. This has contributed to the growth of outlets such as the Guzman Y Gomez. Challenges facing the industry There are a variety of challenges facing the global fast food industry. These challenges include: Perceptions of unhealthy menus. The fast foods have a reputation for being unhealthy and this has been challenged since the tastes of the customer are shifting more to healthy food. The other challenge is that of poor working relations and low wages. The workers in the fast-food restaurant are paid so poorly and this affects their morale. A study conducted in the United States in the recent past indicates that the workers are paid so poorly that more than half of them depend on public assistance programs. The industry has also suffered cultural degradation with the introduction of Taco Bell which is not real Mexican food. Trends in the industry and responses to the challenges There has been a trend where consumers are so concerned about their health and what they eat. To deal with this challenge, many companies in this industry have introduced healthier foods such as salads and fruits. Mexican dishes are also becoming increasingly popular. The consumer is also very considerate of the prices. This has prompted many of the industry players to come up with ways in which they can minimize costs in order to offer more competitive pricing. New micro franchising cuisines are becoming increasingly popular. This includes chicken and burger franchises as well as the Mexican and Chinese dishes franchises. The location of the restaurants is also changing. Drive-thru and stand-alone stores are becoming unpopular with counter service becoming more accepted. Conclusion This case study has been able to thoroughly review the literature review conducted on Guzman Y Gomez. It contains a detailed critical analysis of the Guzman Y Gomez expansion plan through franchising. The paper identifies and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of franchising to both the franchiser and the franchisee. In addition to this, the review helps to identify the important trends and factors that the company needs to understand when expanding to new countries. This paper also contains an in-depth analysis of McDonald`s Australia which is one of the biggest competitors of Guzman Y Gomez. The final section of the paper is an analysis of the industry to identify the new trends and the challenges facing this industry. References Alon, i. (2012). Global franchising operations management: Cases in international and emerging markets operations. Upper saddle river, n.j., ft press/pearson. Allen, g., albala, k. (2007). The business of food: Encyclopedia of the food and drink industries. Westport, conn, greenwood press. Best, a. L. (2017). Fast food kids: French fries, lunch lines, and social ties. Chan, s., zakkour, m. (2014). China's super consumers: What 1 billion customers want and how to sell it to them. Dempster, l. (2010). The australian veg food guide 2010/2011. Brunswick, vic, aduki independent press. Hayes, d., laudan, r. (2009). Food and nutrition. New york, marshall cavendish reference. Jou, c. (2017). Supersizing urban america how inner cities got fast food with government help. Chicago, united states, university of chicago press. Http:// Gagnon, r., gagnon, e. (2011). Appetite for acquisition: The we sell restaurants guide to sell a restaurant. Mustang, oklahoma, tate publishing enterprises. Mcmurray, a., clendon, j. (2011). Community health and wellness: Primary health care in practice. Chatswood, n.s.w., elsevier australia. Http:// Perritt, j., henry h. (2016). Employment law update 2016. [place of publication not identified], wolters kluwer law bus. Pilcher, j. M. (2014). Planet taco a global history of mexican food. Cary, oxford university press, usa. Plunkett, j. W. (2007). Plunkett's food industry almanac 2007: Food industries market research, statistics, trends leading companies. Plunkett research ltd. Plunkett, j. W. (2017). Plunkett's restaurant, hotel hospitality industry almanac 2017. [place of publication not identified], plunkett research. Ritzer, g., ritzer, g. (2008). The mcdonaldization of society 5. Los angeles, calif, pine forge press. Ritzer, g. (2011). Globalization: The essentials. Http:// Smith, a. F., smith, a. F. (2012). Fast food and junk food: An encyclopedia of what we love to eat. Walker, j. R. (2008). The restaurant: From concept to operation. Hoboken, n.j., john wiley sons. Http://

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The House at the Center of the Family free essay sample

Birds chirping, wind blowing, balls bouncing. My grandparents’ backyard situated in North Andover, Massachusetts is the ideal place to visit during the dog days of summer. It lies between a quaint neighborhood park, which has recently been remodeled, and Sutton Street, the town’s busiest road. Children on bikes and babies in strollers race down the connecting road in front of the house waving to neighbors as they pass by. The delicate structure of the house is intricate. It is painted red with a wall of rusty red bricks wrapping around a wide rectangular window in front of the living room. Above the white front door are engraved swirls that roll over each other like waves in the ocean. Behind this dainty cape style home lies a sparkling blue pool. The radiant red orange light from the searing summer sun floats above this pool’s crystal blue waters creating a milky orange juice appearance. We will write a custom essay sample on The House at the Center of the Family or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page My younger cousins wearing blue and green printed trunks fly high into the air as they jump from the diving board nearest the fence deep into the pool’s cooling water. Large water droplets dance through the air whenever one of their small scrawny bodies smacks the water. They reappear, shaking their heads back and forth, before swimming off to the shallow end to regroup with their cousins. Throughout the afternoon, they swim, laugh, and talk as our parents watch from green lawn chairs at the rear of the yard next to the black intertwined fence separating my grandparents’ yard from their neighbors’. My cousins, Emily, Ally, and Lucy, and I, surround the badminton court at the right of the pool. We break into teams- Lucy with Emily, myself with Ally- before we chase after the white feathered birdie, then hitting it with our elongated rackets as many times as we can in a row. We loop the birdie through the air, keeping it lifted off the ground. Every other week during the summer, my family gathers at my grandparents’ house for family cookouts. We all like to get together during the summer; not just because the weather is ideal in the summer but also because that is the only time we are able to see them, besides Christmas of course. My immediate family and I live about two hours away from the rest of our family. Therefore, it is inconvenient for us to travel up to my grandparents’ house on the weekends. We can only visit on occasion due to these time reasons. So when we all get together, we treasure every moment. It is as if we had been together nonstop; we talk as if no time has passed. For instance, my cousin Ally and I have been best friends since we were born. We are only seven months apart; she was born in October 1997 and I was born in May 1998. And when we see each other, we give each other a big hug and go off into the my grandparents’ living room to discuss everything new and important that is occurring in our lives at the given moment. We have grown close over the years; we are almost inseparable to this day some might say. When the sun sinks below the horizon after a long day of laughing in the pool and fooling around on the imaginary badminton court, my cousins and I adventure off to the basement with our wet chlorine drenched hair tied back in ponytails and our clothes anew. We sit in a circle on a soft red carpet that stretches across the entirety of the floor. This is when we play games. One of our favorite games is called â€Å"commercials.† Commercials is a game which requires us to create our own product and create a convincing commercial for it. The goal of the game is to create the funniest, most entertaining commercial we can possibly think of. We only get a 30 second time slot and only two minutes to think of how we will advertise the imaginary product given to us. We can use anything we can find in the basement to better suit the commercial. Whoever comes up with the most entertaining commercial receives the privilege of being first in line for my grandfather’s fresh-off-the-grill cheeseburgers. It’s not much, but it’s definitely worth it when there are 20 other family members already lined up ready to gobble up his juicy cheeseburgers. Other games we play are â€Å"Dance 101† which is a game we play that showcases our stylish dance moves, and â€Å"House† which is a game we play with our youngest cousins and roleplay life as adults with children. However these games do not call for a winner, so no free cut-the-line passes are given. Our imaginary games of make believe have always been a great bonding opportunity for all of us. North Andover, Massachusetts is a very important town in my life. It’s where immediate family originates from and my extended family currently resides. If it wasn’t for my grandparents’ house, I wouldn’t be so close with my family. Almost every family gathering takes place at their house. I have countless memories of my family at my grandparents’ house: swimming, badminton, walks to the neighborhood park, eating my grandfather’s juicy homemade burgers, or having silly competitions with my cousins. All of these have a special place in my heart. My family is very important to me and if it wasn’t for my grandparents’ house, we wouldn’t be so close.

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The Works of Kate Chopin essays

The Works of Kate Chopin essays Women writers in the late 19th century struggled with their voices, their characters, and their writing, just as all writers do. However, many also had to struggle to be taken seriously by predominately male publishers, and such was the case with Kate Chopin. Throughout her career, "Chopin wrote three novels, eighty-five short stories, twelve essays, twenty-five poems, and one play, although she never earned enough money to support herself from her writing" (Nelson, 1995 p. 234). The key here is "support herself." It is still quite difficult to support oneself from fiction writing, and Chopin encountered this throughout her career. Quite simply, short stories sold more quickly than novels, and took less time to write, so Chopin could create more marketable works in a shorter amount of time, and see the monetary results much sooner than she would from a novel. As one writer noted, "The market for conversion and happily-ever-after stories for Christmas and Easter was immense. It was also one of the best sources of income and recognition for professional writers" (Toth, 1999 p. 125). Indeed, Chopin consistently made more money from her short stories than her novels. She received only $102 as royalties for "The Awakening," but at the same time was earning as much as $50 for only one short story (Toth, 1999 p. 229). Historian Toth continues, "Magazine editors in the 1890s, all of them white, liked stories of unequal relationships between blacks and whites in which, for instance, the black character sacrifices for his or her 'white folks'" (Toth, 1999 p. 169). Fiction was exceedingly popular in women's magazines of the day, and as more magazines sought to capitalize on the women's market, more fiction was needed to fill their pages, and so the opportunities for short story writers were quite good. Good Housekeeping was quite consistent with other women's magazines of the ...

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Carl Sandburg Biography Essay

Carl Sandburg Biography Essay Carl Sandburg was unique compare to many other poets. All of the poems that he wrote were short and straight to the point. You would not find any poems that he had written that are over a page, yet still; his poems are very easy to understand. Sandburg lived through a lot of historic events, so all of his poems were about those historic events. As you know, history isnt always exciting or easy to learn. Yet, Sandburg was able to write about those times in a way that an average high school student can understand, unlike other poets like Emily Dickinson or Edgar Allen Poe. Carl Sandburg should be included in an anthology of American poetry because of his writing technique and experience. Sandburg used a lot of the generalization methods to make his poems simpler to understand. Even though we know that sometimes-generalizing things are not good, Sandburg did a great job of it and was still able to write out everything he wanted to. Like I said, Carl Sandburg lived through some of the most famous historic events in the United States of all time. He had seen events like World War I, the roaring 1920s, the Depression, World War II, the New Deal, and the Cold War. The anthology of American poetry needs more poets with his kind of experience. Ill bet you that he never had trouble trying to figure out what to write about. The poem I chose by Carl Sandburg was a poem called JAWS. Its a poem about World War I, and it talks about how the countries that were involved in the war had a chance to prevent war, but they ignored it. This poem should be included as an example of the poets work because its saying what we think and feel. When we learn about how World War I was started, we would be thinking dont these countries realize what theyre getting themselves into and dont they have consciences. The poem JAWS talks about all these things so we can relate to it. Another reason why I think this poem should be included as an example of the poets work is because its short and straight to the point. If you were to give a high school student a choice of either reading a page long poem or a paragraph long poem, most chances are that student will pick the paragraph long one. And just because the poem JAWS is short doesnt mean its not well written or incomplete with information. It has enough information for that certain type of poem and probably even an elementary student can understand it. This poem can be included in the canon because its about history and history is being taught on for all generations. It also should be included in the canon because not many poems in the canon are as short yet still contains so much information.

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Clinical Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Clinical Psychology - Essay Example Psychoanalytical psychology, introduced by Freud, is based on this principle which takes in to account past the history of the patient and analysis its influence on the present thinking of the individual (Background of Counseling, 2010; Historical lineage, n.d). Freud incorporated this psychoanalytical approach in his counseling psychology studies (Background of Counseling, 2010). The early 1900s witnessed the emergence of newer theories related to counseling psychology which laid emphasis on the overall growth and development of a human being rather than mere study of the abnormality. The publication of the book, Counseling and Psychotherapy by Carl Rogers, revolutionized the study of counseling psychotherapy and resulted in the initiation of training programs for counselors and coining of the new term counseling psychologists (Historical lineage, n.d). Carl Roger’s work was based on the specific experiences of people, which have had a profound impact on their lives and the m ethod is now referred to as the Humanistic method, which is a widely practiced method in the field of psychology today. All the studies carried out in the field of counseling psychology focuses on the human mind in order to better understand the working of the mind and to work out a solution to help people overcome their difficulties and problems. The studies have helped to understand how the human mind works under different circumstances. Counseling psychologists have played a vital role in helping people deal with their lives after events such as terror strikes and numerous other accidents and calamities (Background of Counseling, 2010). This field has helped researchers to broaden their understanding about the potential within every human being and help people to develop in to better individuals. Given the growing importance attached to counseling and their resultant positive effects both on the individual and the society, the demand for counseling psychologists is rapidly increa sing. The role of research and statistics in clinical counseling psychologists Clinical counseling psychologists are involved in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of people suffering from mental disorders. They help people cope with their condition and find suitable means to overcome them and lead a normal life. To help them achieve this goal, psychologists formulate theories and hypothesis that are based on the thoughts and behavior of individuals. Research methods are employed in order to prove the theories and these methods vary depending on the kind of study involved. In general the techniques used by psychologists include observation, assessment and experimentation. Individual behaviors are evaluated through various methods such as laboratory experiments carried out along with suitable controls, hypnotic methods, biofeedback techniques, and tests which help to ascertain the personality traits, intelligence and aptitude of an individual. Other types of methods employed inc lude interviews, questionnaires and clinical studies. In the case of clinical counseling psychologists, who help people to cope with mental disorders or personal problems, patient interviews, psychotherapy for patients and their family and other suitable intervention and treatment strategies are undertaken to

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The Waterfront Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Waterfront - Movie Review Example The movie, a controversial and powerful part drama part gangster film about mob violence, trade unions and the corruption among longshoreman, is set on New York’s waterfront docks and it is about the struggle of workers for work and dignity..Malcolm Johnson, born on 24 September, 1904 and graduated from Mercer University in 1926, was a noted investigative journalist. He wrote a series of 24 parts called `Crimes on the Waterfront’ about the dock strikes, published in New York Sun. The series exposed corrupt practices, bribery, extortion, theft, murder and the mob’s influence on New York’s waterfront. He eventually won the Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting for the series in 1949. `The Sun’ articles formed the basis for the movie â€Å"On the Waterfront†. But before Budd Schulberg started working on the screenplay for the movie, Arthur Miller wrote a play â€Å"The Bottom of the River’ about the efforts of Peter Panto who was murdered b y the mob while struggling to organize the dock workers of Brooklyn Red Hook district in the 1930s. In 1950, Miller rewrote the play as the screenplay â€Å"The Hook† for Elia Kazan. Kazan wanted to make the movie but was rejected by the studios. Reason was the pressure imposed by HUAC on the Columbia Pictures studio chief Harry Cohn. Miller was told to change the villains to evil communists from corrupt union officials and gangsters. Arthur Miller refused and was replaced by Budd Schulberg, who wrote `On the Waterfront’ as a result.On the Waterfront' as a result. (Tom Dirks) The story is like this. Johnny Friendly (Lee J. Cobb) is the union boss, who rules the waterfront. He is responsible for a number of murders but police couldn't take any action against him as the witnesses never testify against him i.e. they play deaf and dumb ("plead D &D"). Terry Malloy (Marlon Brando) is a dockworker and a former boxer who does small jobs due to his brother Charley (Rod Steiger) influence. Karl Malden plays the role of Father Barry who encourages Terry, stuck in a moral struggle between right and wrong. Eva Marie Saint plays the role Edie Doyle, sister of the dockworker who gets murdered because he was going to testify against Johnny Friendly. Terry feels somewhat responsible for the death because he could have Intervened. Because of a love towards Edie and encouragement from Father Berry, Terry agrees to testify against Johnny Friendly and his own brother Charley in a federal Crime Commission investigation. (Tom Dirks) On the Waterfront' is said to be a sort of autobiographical film by Elia Kazan. It was his reaction to the criticism he faced for his testimony before the House Un- American Committee, in which he "named names" in 1952. Kazan, during his theatre days in1930s, had been a member of the Communist Party. The Theater also included several professionals who were Communists. At first Kazan agreed to testify before HUAC but refused to name other members, but because of increasing pressure from Hollywood studio management, he provided the names of former Party members. Later, Kazan explained that he resented the Party's to force their Agenda on artists and he felt the testimony was in the best interest of the country. Though the testimony was due to the threat of being blacklisted from the Hollywood studios, Kazan was hated by his former friends. Terry's testimony against Johnny Friendly and his mob was perceived by some as Kazan's reaction to his critics. In 1951, before Kazan, Budd Schulberg also testified before HUAC. Budd Schulberg born in March27, 1914 was the son of B.P. Schulberg, the head of Paramount Pictures, and Adeline Jaffee-Schulberg. Budd Schulberg volunteered to testify when screenwriter Richard Collins testified before

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The Navigation of young Adolescents from elementary school to Middle School Essay Example for Free

The Navigation of young Adolescents from elementary school to Middle School Essay The period of young adolescent is a very challenging and transformational period for the child. There are tremendous bodily and mental changes taking place which places significant amount of stress on the children, as well parents and the educators involved in dealing with this age group. This age group requires an unusual and sensitive team work to address t hisses which can address their changing expectations and help them cope with their emotional well being. The issues arise with time and situation and learning the skills to cope with them is important in terms of the peers, as well as family and school oriented affairs. It is also important to take into consideration the thoughts and the feelings as well their behavioral manifestations in theses tender years of change and adaptability. It is important to recognize the â€Å"disinterest, disorder and defiance† (Mcknight-Taylor, 1979) which is characteristic feature of middle school level of students. The educational enforcement should be aimed to engage and involve students and help them feel part of their special environment. Their individuality needs to be respected and their interests need to be taken into consideration. The educators should reach out to the students and aim to give them authentic informed facts which they can base their decision son. The teamwork of partnership between the young adolescent, parents and the educators will make significant difference in enhancing the navigational strategy to handle the transition with sensitivity and understanding, which will ensure greater degree of success. One needs to recognize that transition is a very difficult time for any age, but for young adolescent it is even more challenging taking into account the other transformational bodily, emotional and 0pphsyical changes which are taking place in their psychological setup. (Parker, 2009). The emotional , psychological and academic decline which has been witnessed in this phase can be addressed with strategic organizational and academic setup. It is important to investigate and advocate and advise based on authentic facts and figures which can provide a solid concept of the self image which is undergoing change in the life of the middle school students and thus address the issues related to young adolescent with sufficiently organized and departmentalized approach in which advisory and advocacy has a significant role to play. The issue related to advocacy has been an urgent issue which motivates educators to address the problematic issue to â€Å"navigate the transition from elementary to middle school, as their bodies grow and change, s they develop new interests and new peer groups, as they probe their boundaries and test their limits, as they explore a rapidly changing world via Internet, as they consume a daily bombardment of television, magazines, music and headlines† (Buckhardt, 1999). The challenge of educating young adolescents in this emerging world of changes and transition which is full of distractions and drama which has overwhelmed the lifestyle leads to unnecessary turbulence which impacts their self-centered lives with a roller coaster kind of speed and thrill, which is uncontrolled and untamed. The exposure to abusive material on uncontrolled technological devices makes the situation even more challenging for the parents as well as the educators. The exposure to pain and suffering is lot more which results from the unhealthy choices which are presented by settings which are of abusive nature. The role of advocacy and advisory in such situation which targets the program to engage and involve the student in the process would be a necessary tool to address this critical nature of issue which deals with navigating young adolescents in their middle school years. The rationale of the advisory program should be aimed at addressing the common attributes of the particular age group, along with the individual attention and conferences in which parents are part of the process. There should be regular and open conferences which builds the bridge between the advisor and advisees. The school should plan for sound administrative support which is backed by â€Å" an adult advocate for each young adolescent† (Buckhardt, 1999). â€Å"According to This We Believe, the obligation of a developmentally responsive middle level school is to provide ‘a continuity of caring that extends over the student’s entire middle level experience so that no student is neglected’ (National Middle School Association, 1995, p. 17). An advisory program enables that ‘continuity of caring’ to take root. † (Buckhardt, 1999). The success of the students in this transitional period and transformational phase has to taken with challenge and understanding which can ensure navigation of young adolescents in a sensitive and humane manner which provides supportive care and discipline to help them keep within the boundaries without suppression and repression. This will be reflected in their academic achievement, school attendance, lesser alienation, greater interests in school related learning and greater adaptability. These are the pillars which will help build a bridge which will help the young adolescent transitioning between elementary and middle school years a climate which helps them foster and grow to their peak. References Buckhardt, R. M. (1999). Advisory: Advocacy for Every Student. Middle School Journal, Vol. 30, Number 3. http://www. nmsa. org/portals/0/pdf/publications/On_Target/advisory/advisory_3. pdf Burkhardt, R. M. and Kane, J. T.. â€Å"An Adult Advocate for Every Student. Mcknight-Taylor , M. (1997) Making Education Special for All Young Adolescents. Jouranl Article. Childhood Education, Vo. 73. Beane, J. A. (1993). A middle school curriculum: From rhetoric to reality. (2nd ed). Columbus, OH:National Middle School Association. Burns, J. (1998). National middle school association 25th anniversary interview. Las Cruces, NM: Author. Lipsitz, J. (1984). Successful schools for young adolescents. East Brunswick, NJ: Transaction. National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. (1994). Early adolescence/generalist standards for national board certification. Washington, DC: Author. Parker, A. K. Elementary Organizational Structures and Young Adolescents Self-Concept and Classroom Environment Perceptions Across the Transition to Middle School. University of Suth Florida, Journal of Research in Childhood Education, Vol. 23Issue 3, pg. 325-339. Rubinstein, R. E. (1994). Hints for teaching success in middle school. Englewood, CO: Teacher Ideas Press. Shoreham-Wading River Middle School. (1989). Advisory activities at Shoreham-Wading River middle school. Shoreham, NY: Author. Shoreham-Wading River Middle School. (1973). Advisory handbook. Shoreham, NY: Author.