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The importance of ethics in business

The importance of ethics in business One of the most important issue in business is business ethics to introduce this issue it is not bad to know that what is ethics definition, ethic standards are principle of the actions and decision from individual, organization, government, ethics can helps every body in social, effects of ethics separated to four areas, first is social, social is the biggest area for ethic, every body is living in society so ethics will effect every one who has different culture, beliefs, religion in different location, ethics has profit for every one, the next area is legal or law, in this area first should consider to meaning of law so what is law? Law is set of rules that are enforceable by court, by understanding this definition it is obvious that every body is responsible for the rules that govern by law, next step is organization should has set of rules to support and protect the right of individuals and customers or suppliers and government, ethics for organization is very important point an d by setting these standards like codes of conduct or consumerism , organization will show their responsibility to others , last step in ethics is individuals, when we look at the definition of ethic and after researches around this subject, we will reach to this point that every body is responsible to their work and their work and actions or decision, in this step there are some reasons that can has effect on the ethics on this level, culture, beliefs, religions, these are only some the many point that will have effects on ethics from individuals, this is very important notice when we study about ethics, difference between the ethics and law, by understanding meaning of these two , it is obvious that in the law, standards might not be a ethic action or decision, in addition to reach to the better understanding of business ethics also should consider to some points about that, first is responsible business conduct, which is set of actions the employee against to enterprise stack hol ders, second is responsible business enterprise; which is set of policies and management practices to protect environment, core values and vision of organization, the third point is business ethics programs, the program that govern by managers of an organization to support their business conduct by engaging stakeholders and also can say that business ethic programs are structures from organizations to support employee and stakeholders, to illustrate the business ethic program should point to some way to set the program and structure which could support the business conduct, like planning, strategy and programming, building a responsible enterprise, and finally adopting a design review and approved process. To look at the issues of business ethics, it is very important to know some characteristics of business ethic which include by general business matters such as bribing ways of accounting, it is not bad to know a bit about the bribery, Bribery, a form of pecuniary corruption, is an act implying money or gift given that alters the behavior of the recipient. And practices in five areas, first in country, by many public and private research it was showed that Denmark is the first country in the world that receive money by others as bribery, and Norway is the first country in the world by giving money in bribery, in this ranking there are many countries like Sweden, Germany, Finland, and others. Another area in bribery is industry that included by some regions like government, defense, aviation, energy, and construction, next is employee that by educate the staff monitoring and auditing also making open channels with employees can reduce the bribery in this area, next is joint venture, al so by monitoring, auditing, setting the lead office and apply a strong contract can control bribery in joint venture, last area of bribery is agent, to reduce bribery risk in this area first of all organizations should ask themselves than is agent necessary for them or not, in addition in case of necessary they should make a valid and strong agreement and also include all polices for bribery and document all and also by making head office and monitoring and auditing should control bribery and reduce the risk. Marketing and Advertising: it is very important to all organizations that act as fair in their marketing practices and advertising, to practice ethical program in marketing there are some points that should consider to that like organization environment, individual environment, personal practices, professional environment and industrial environment, in addition for advertising I is very important that organization should not exaggerate about their products and say lie to people, there are two practices for controlling the advertising, first is trade practice and second is fair trade by AMP, in addition AMP introduce and gives information to people for better choice and pursued them to reach to that option, Social contract: Another characteristics from business ethics is social contract, the social contract responsibility is one of the most important subject in business ethics, it can divided to three parts, first is social responsibility which stakeholder responsibility included, second is profit responsibility of share holders, and last one is affirmative responsibility. ETHICAL COMPANY: According to the ethisphere2009 worlds most ethical companies, in this year this institute compare more than thousands of companies and industries from more than 100 countries and 35 industries and by ranking them in the companies selection process that some structure like methodology, In-depth analysis, further refinement, industry leadership and other method they gave the first place to Honeywell interactional from USA and in Aero Space and Defense, second place is for Harris corporation again from USA in Aero and Space and Defense, and third place is for Nike from USA in sport wearing and sport apparel and here are many famous companies in this ranking like DELL from USA and BMW from Germany, RaboBank form Netherlands, Xerox and Intel from USA are some other companies in this ranking, in industrial ranking the first place is for ACCENTURE and gave to Douglas G.Serivener, general counsel, secretary and compliance officer, the second place is for ED Scott, chief ethics and Complianc e officer from CATERPILAR and third place is for Roderick A. Palmore, executive vice president, general counsel, chief compliance and Risk management officer from General mills industry are ranked in this list, In addition Philips, Unilever and T-Mobile are in next places. Unethical companies and practices: What are the unethical companies and industries in the world, of course there is no evidence for that and in fact it is impossible to compare unethical companies to each another but form some judgment of courts can understand some of these companies, for example Nestle company and McDonalds are some of these unethical companies, Nestle: There are some unethical activities by nestle company in its history like exploiting of employees in 1989, in nestle chocolate planet in brazil, and supporting brutal which nestle had financial supports rise in Brazil, China, Egypt, Colombia and other countries. Another unethical behavior from nestle is abusing animals, 50%of LOreal company owned by nestle and LOreal abuse animal in testing and making experiment on animals, some groups boycott in response to LOreal claims. McDonalds: Another company that has many cases in many courts in all over the worlds is because of this its unethical actions and decisions and behaviors is McDonalds, some of these actions are like supplely environment. 35% of the UK population gave the worst rating to McDonalds for the way it traits, staff, suppliers, costumers and environment. Adidas company an example of ethical company: Adidas AG is one of the most famous and popular sport wear company in the world that started its job form 60 years ego, in the history of Adidas it came that the company founded in 1924 by Adolf Dassler, after foundation of Adidas in several decades many things happened to company, in 60s, Adidas tried to help all athletes, Adidas design some equipment consider as fringe Sport. This equipment could made revelation in high jumping, in 80s Abdi Dessler death and after him his family, his wife , son and his daughter continue his job and his business, in 90s they apply new management by new CEOs they change the manufacturing and sell company to marketing company, in 1995 Adidas went to public on Frankfurt and Paris stock exchange, and in 1996, Reebok combined with Adidas and could made more benefit of world wide platform, and these two made stronger and wide range of products. It is a German Based company, Adidas is a manufacture of sport apparel and also consist of Reebok, there are two companies which names are Taylor Made-Adidas Golf and Rockport that produce many Sport products like shoes, bags and shirts and watches, in addition Adidas is the second biggest sport wear manufacture after Nike in all over the world but it is the biggest manufacture in Europe, this is not bad to introduced some statically and financial information about the Adidas, Adidas founded by Adolf Dassler in 1924 but registered in 1949 and headquarters is Herzogrenuroch, in Germany and in CEOs there are some famous people and businessmen like Herber Hainner, Erich Staminger, Igor Loudau and for financial statistic, Adidas had revenue of 10,799 billion euro(15.6 billion $) and profit of 642 million euro (933 million $), and there are 38980 employees are working for Adidas, Adidas product sport wear such as golf, soccer, rugby, tennis, Cricket and basketball and much more also some of products are accessories socks, watches, eyewear, bags and caps. Jan Runau, Adidas AG What are ethics in Adidas Company? Adidas is one of the most ethical company that always looking for ethical jobs, actions, decision and behavior also always they care about the environment but also sometimes unethical matter happened in there jobs, and there are some unethical matters in their portfolio. Adidas is a global leader in suppliers factories and decreasing environmental impact. In sport industry, Adidas also set of codes which named supply chain code of conduct and in these codes they apply set of standards about their stated intentions on ethical purchasing. In addition they also set rules for moral responsibility in the way of products, marketing and manufacturing and for international labor they create another standards named workplace Standard that introduce clear rules of conduct in many factors like labor, environment, children, hours of work and much more. There are some statically information about these changes by Adidas, first is freight contributes 175 grams carbon dioxide CO2 and road freight 147 grams of CO2, and air freight by 903 grams of CO2. In the air travel they use carbon offsetting to about the collision of air travel, in addition Adidas set many teams meanwhile for research for sea and road traveling. Adidas shows that they are very serious and pioneer in many subjects related to ethical issue and they spend a lot of time and cost and energy to be a one of the ethical company in any subjects like labor, environment, customers, Children and others. Suitability code: For details about the suitability code, there are several subjects that cover by this code; Stakeholders, suppliers, customers, environment, community, employees. Stakeholders: About the stakeholders of Adidas are employees, authorities, business partners, workers and opinion formers involve stakeholders to make decision that shape day-to-day operation, and also provide the clear and effective and honest report to their stakeholders, there are several activities that Adidas tries to engages stakeholders: Responding to the SRI community Engaging with employees Responding to enquiries raised by customer, employee and NGO Participation and collaboration with industry initiatives governmental and non-governmental initiatives and multi-stakeholders partnership Out reach to academic and students. About the partnership and ways of engaged in Adidas, to build trust relationship they have some ways like WFGSI and WCSBD in corporate response. WFGSI stands for world federation of the sporting goods industry and WCSBD stands for world business council for sustainable development, in supply chain condition there are three conditions as fair labor association (FLA) and fair factories clearing houses (FFC), and last one is Round Table on Codes of conduct, and set of code in environment is AFIRM working group and better cotton initiative (BCI). The second subject in ethical matter is supply chain, according to Adidas information on 31 Dec 2008 Adidas works with more than 1050 factories, in many countries, some of these countries such as china, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, and Thailand, and the condition to support the suppliers they set the workplace standards, its included several of standards of general principle involved forced labor children, discrimination, wage and benefit, working hours, freedom of association and collective Barging and Disciplinary principle, next is heath and safety to protect environment and environment requirement, for example about the child labor all supplier should not work with children under 15 years old and about the working hours they set the rule to their supplier that employee should not work more than 60 hours per week, to protect and support this standards and also to be confirm all codes they apply a team to monitoring and verification which this team will audit and monitor supplier an d will contact with any act against the standards, another way to protect codes is ratting and sourcing decision with them, by they rank and improve the supplier with has lower rank and praise. From higher supplier, for fair wage Adidas has strategy which named fair wage strategy which they set wage by mechanism depends on input, output, and effort of supplier, also benchmarks will pay higher wage that local wage, and also rewards for employee is another way that included in fair wage strategy. Stakeholders, Adidas-Group Environment: The third part of ethical issue is environment, Adidas always Responsible for their environment and always care about the natural environment, and to do this act and support the environment Adidas applied a system-based approach to managing environment, and this system covered two parts of production facility and supply chain, according to information about the environmental practice of Adidas company, more than 95% of Adidas groups using these performance. To protecting their environment and reduce environmental impact and reduce using of energy and waste the energy, and using lower material in their production. Environment-Adidas Group This is a report about the environmental of Adidas: Herzogenaurach, 2009. Record year for the adidas Group Environmental data for our main administration offices and own production sites 2008 Our main administration offices Energy consumption Electricity (kWh/year) Energy consumption Heating (kWh/year) Water consumption (m3/year) Waste (tonnes/year) HQ of the adidas Group, Herzogenaurach, Germany 12,683,749 9,627,567 21,487 426.4 adidas America Inc., Portland, USA 6,472,600 1,403,705 36,306 not reported Reebok HQ, Canton, USA 13,375,974 13,930,828 34,936 564.9 TaylorMade-adidas Golf HQ, Carlsbad, USA1 3,185,966 20,554 42,654 551 Our own production sites Energy consumption Electricity (kWh/year) Energy consumption Heating (kWh/year) Water consumption (m3/year) Waste (tonnes/year) adidas Footwear Factory, Scheinfeld, Germany 1,578,340 4,432,207 1,736 260.2 adidas Apparel Factory, Suzhou, China 425,542 0 1,162 10.2 adidas Canada Assembly Factory, Brantford, Canada 382,393 212,520 454 14.5 Reebok-CCM Hockey Factory, St. Hyacinthe, Canada 2,002,800 973,440 5,150 25.4 Reebok-CCM Hockey Factory, St. Jean, Canada 2,637,900 3,193,460 2,082 72.2 Reebok-CCM Hockey Factory, Edmunston, Canada 1,229,400 0 1,674 56.2 Reebok-CCM Hockey Factory, Tammela, Finland 1,343,059 1,140,445 1,190 237.9 Reebok-CCM Hockey Factory, Malung, Sweden2 n/a n/a n/a n/a Sports Licensed Division, Factory, Indianapolis, USA 10,844,350 120,158 19,822 455 Sports Licensed Division, Factory, Mattapoisett, USA 725,671 475,011 n/a 150.1 Sports Licensed Division, Factory, Cedar Rapids, USA 1,938,310 3,830,624 3,432 64 TaylorMade Assembly Factory, Togane-Shi, Japan 422,380 740 1,335 14.4 1 Figures cover TaylorMade HQ and assembly factory 2 Figures are not available for 2008 because site is externally leased Community: Adidas has program for community and this program based on 3 studies, first is community project for people who need it and second is employee involvement, in this involvement employee support the company to reach to their goals, and last one is corporation giving which is about the financial contribution, product and services, Adidas by this program will support children and young people in face of their needs, by giving them cloth and sportswear supporting their sport goods, Employee: When ethics goes to employee it will separated to three parts, 1. Activity engaged 2. Not engaged 3. Activity disengaged Adidas also set the reward rule for employee to support their employee and Adidas set the codes of conduct to support the employee and protect their rights, these set coming to global and will cover all employees of Adidas in all over the world, Adidas approach for employee it comes to 5 ways, talent management by ranking and praises of them, by identifying them and find the opportunities that those that those managers gain for company, employee and managers, performance management, by performance feedback and improving the learning. Motivation: Next is motivation that we covered before that company by giving gifts and rewards motivate their employee to keep going in addition promotes commitment is another way to motivating the employee, last action to help employee is communication with top managers set the meeting and other gathering to collect employees opinion to make decision, as an example in 2005 Adidas gather 350 staff to corporate responsibility and environmental affairs. Awards and Recognition, To clear of the Adidas practice there are many awards that Adidas collect from many festivals and many institutes and these are just some of them, in 2009Adidas got the 2009 industry leader and super sector leader in the DOW Jones sustainability Index and Sustainable retail business 2009 and also awarded consumer organization in 2009 and FTSE4 good index in addition Adidas awarded 100 most sustainable corporation in the world and fair labor association in 2008, Adidas awarded reporting twice in 2004 and 2006. Awards and Recognition-Adidas Group

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equss vs amadeus by peter shaffer Essay -- essays research papers

In both Equus and Amadeus Shaffer shows insanity in his characters. He does this not only to stress the characters feelings and state of mind of which they are in. Also, he attempts to cast a blanket over the reader; it gives the reader the feeling that Shaffer designed the characters to express and reflect the beauty in insanity and to convey the ugliness on normality. â€Å"Madness, if not out rightly divine, is at best preferable to the 20th century’s ruthless and uninspired sanity, is in this play, as it is so much fashionable philosophizing, totally dependent on a pleasant, aesthetically rational form of derangement for the credibility of its argument† (Richardson 389). Shaffer brings us into these feelings with the story of Alan Strang, a seventeen-year-old British boy. He has been sent to Rokeby Psychiatric Hospital in southern England to get â€Å"help† for the crime of blinding six horses that he worked with. â€Å"Equus†¦. surgically probes man’s continuing fascination with violent forms of belief† (Gill 387). Shaffer makes this all so obvious to us. Alan is an insane young man with no justification and quandary that must be dealt with. His therapist Dysart sees that this boy is troubled and can be helped, but fears that there might be something deeper. â€Å"Dysart recognizes also that the boy he is treating has experienced ‘a passion more ferocious that I have felt in any second of my life† (Real389). Clearly he envies this. In turn Dysart fears that the passion of the boy, not because he can’t understand it, but because he does. â€Å"The inference is that, once cured, that is, rid or his ‘divine’ suffering, Alan will become a dullard like most normal people† (Clurman 388). Shaffer is trying to illustrate that â€Å"normality† is not good, but bad and that the only way to be divine is this state of mind is to go by Shaffer’s idea of â€Å"insane.† Shaffer wants us to think in the mindset of the boy and see what he sees. He wants us to feel the insane thoughts of Equus and experience the urge to follow to voice, but we must ask our selves; what divine spirit is this we see? There is nothing to it but the pure crazed madness of a boy. After reading the play you are left feeling sorry for the poor soul because he was never able to fit into society and the normality, but hear he is being forced into it. Shaffer uses the word insane is strong context because as the author he has cont... ...ely worthless,’ Salieri survives only to see himself become extinct as Mozart’s posthumous reputation increases. For thirty-two years Salieri nurses his hate, refusing to be God’s joke and demanding to be remembered, ‘if not in fame, then infamy.’ Thus, he composes ‘a false confession’ in which he explains ‘how I really murdered Mozart—with arsenic—out of envy!’ Then, as the sun rises and the play draws to its conclusion, he cuts his throat with a razor. Again, however, Salieri fails. He does not die; his confession is found but not believed. It is dismissed as the raving of a madman† (Morace 39). Shaffer ends off leaving us with our mouths wide open, craving more of the story like bees after honey, more of the tale told by the insane old man. This story of the insane from the eyes of the insane also makes it seem as if the norm is insanity and we are all but puppets with our strings being dangled for us by normality. â€Å"But positioning such an alternative is false. One need not be ‘crazed’ to live untrammeled by conventional proscriptions. Most of the insane are in every way for more wretched and pitiful than the average man in his quiet despair of humdrum gloom† (Clurman 388).

Class difference in Blood Brothers Essay -- English Literature

How does Willy Russell demonstrate class difference in Blood Brothers? "Blood Brothers" was written by Willy Russell in 1985. A Liverpudlian West Side Story: twin brothers are separated at birth because their mother cannot afford to keep them both. She gives one of them away to wealthy Mrs Lyons and they grow up as friends in ignorance of their blood relationship until the inevitable quarrel caused through 'class' differences leads to the tragic outcome. In this essay, I will examine how Willy Russell demonstrates class differences in his play 'Blood Brothers.' I will be looking at the differences between Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnson. The differences between Eddie and Mickey as young children at the age of seven. The different police attitudes towards Eddie and Mickey. Also Mickey as a worker and Eddie as a student at university, and the impact, class difference has on the end of the play. Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnson have many social differences. Mrs Lyons has a comfortable home, and lifestyle - the Lyons can offer Eddie a better life that Mrs Johnson, "If my child was raised in a place like this one, he wouldn't have to worry about where his next meal is coming from." They have a settled, sheltered lifestyle and security for the future. Mrs Lyons is over-protective and controlling, "I've told you never to go where that boy-where boys like that live." Edward has little freedom when young, and grows up with little knowledge of the 'real' world "because, because you're not the same as him. You're not, do you understand?" Mrs Johnson however doesn't have any of this security- she lets Mickey spend much of his time out on the streets unsupervised. She doesn't have a comfortable home and has a world of uncert... ...e easy life, because one family had more money than the other. Eddie got to be a councillor and Mickey a redundant worker. In conclusion, Willy Russell demonstrates class difference through out his play by using two equal boys and putting them in different house holds. Their lives change dramatically because of their class, each of them are treated differently just because of wealth and status. Mickey and Edward's lives are partly ruled by fate, they have little power to change their lives, and their characters are trapped by social circumstances. The final comment is telling- "And do we blame superstition for what came to pass? Or could it be what we, the English, have come to know as class?" This forces the viewer think about social class and the effect it has on our lives and whether we should allow class differences to effect our treatment of others.

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The Jfk Assassination: Conspiracy Or Single-gunman? Essay -- essays re

The JFK Assassination: Conspiracy or Single-Gunman? Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator of Germany during World War II, once said, "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it." Although this may sound ludicrous, we can see many example of this in the world's history. One example would have to be the John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination. For over thirty years the people of the United States were led to believe that a single gunman shot and killed Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963, at 12:30 p.m... However, in this paper, I will dispute the ancient analization of the facts that show a single gunman was involved, and try to show that a conspiracy must have been present. According to the old facts regarding the case of the JFK assassination, Kennedy was killed by a single gunman. On November 22, 1963, at 12:30 p.m. CST (Central Standard Time), Kennedy was riding in an open limousine through Dallas, Texas. At this time, Kennedy was shot in the head and neck by a sniper. He was then taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Later, police arrested Lee Harvey Oswald, a former U.S. Marine, at a nearby theater. By the next morning, Oswald was booked for the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Two days later, Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner, while he was being moved from the city to the county jail. At a glance, the above story sounds as if this should be an open-and-shut case. After all, according to the facts above, Oswald must have killed Kennedy. However, you must take a deeper look into this case. Many people who witnessed the murder of John F. Kennedy dispute the facts above, saying that they heard shots from places besides the book depository, and other things that may contradict what is stated above. One of these witnesses, Abraham Zapruder, captured the entire assassination on his Bell and Howell eight millimeter movie camera. This movie, cleverly called the Zapruder Film, is the single best piece of visual evidence in this case. In order to more clearly understand the Zapruder Film, it is necessary to break it down into frames. The particular Bell and Howell movie camera that Zapruder was using ran at eighteen and three-hundredths (18.3) frames per second. When using this frame system, you must remember that all shots were actually fired several frames before the number that is assign... ...ives to kill the President. As you can see, the killing of John F. Kennedy was a conspiracy. There is no way a single gunman could have fired all the bullets that hit Kennedy and Connnally in that short period of time. Also, since Kennedy's head went back and to the left, the bullet must have been fired from the front and right of Kennedy. This shows that there was another gunman, which makes this a conspiracy. Someday, it would be nice if the truth is revealed about who fired the bullets, and how many gunmen there actually were. Bibliography 1. Harris, Robert. "The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: A Reassessment of Original Testimony and Evidence." 2. Harris, Robert. "The Single Bullet Theory: A Question of Probability." 3. Newman, John. "Oswald and the CIA." Carroll and Graf Publishers, Inc. New York: 1995. 4. Summers, Anthony. "Conspiracy." McGraw-Hill Book Company. New York: 1981. 5. "JFK" Directed by Oliver Stone. Warner Bros., Inc. 1991.

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Themes of Romeo and Juliet

Themes of â€Å"Romeo and Juliet† Love as a Cause of Violence The themes of death and violence permeate Romeo and Juliet, and they are always connected to passion, whether that passion is love or hate. The connection between hate, violence, and death seems obvious. But the connection between love and violence requires further investigation. Love, in Romeo and Juliet, is a grand passion, and as such it is blinding; it can overwhelm a person as powerfully and completely as hate can.The passionate love between Romeo and Juliet is linked from the moment f its inception with death: Tybalt notices that Romeo has crashed the feast and determines to kill him Just as Romeo catches sight of Juliet and falls instantly in love with her. From that point on, love seems to push the lovers closer to love and violence, not farther from it. Romeo and Juliet are plagued with thoughts of suicide, and a willingness to experience it: in Act 3, scene 3, Romeo brandishes a knife in Friar Lawrence's c ell and threatens to kill himself after he has been banished from Verona and his love.Juliet also pulls a knife in order to take her own life in Friar Lawrence's resence Just three scenes later. After Capulet decides that Juliet will marry Paris, Juliet says, â€Å"If all else fail, myself have power to die† This theme continues until its inevitable conclusion: double suicide. This tragic choice is the highest, most potent expression of love that Romeo and Juliet can make. It is only through death that they can preserve their love, and their love is so profound that they are willing to end their lives in its defence.In the play, love emerges as an amoral thing, leading as much to destruction as to happiness. But in its extreme passion, the love that Romeo and Juliet experience also appears so exquisitely beautiful that few would want, or be able, to resist its power. Fate From the beginning, we know that the story of Romeo and Juliet will end in tragedy. We also know that the ir tragic ends will not result from their own personal defects but from fate, which has marked them for sorrow. Emphasizing fate's control over their destinies, the Prologue tells us these â€Å"star-crossed lovers'† relationship is deathmarked.In Act l, Scene it, as Lord Capulet's servant is searching for someone ho can read the guest list to him, Benvolio and Romeo enters Completely by chance, Capulet's servant meets Romeo and Benvolio, wondering if they know how to read. This accidental meeting emphasizes the importance of fate in the play. Romeo claims it is his â€Å"fortune† to read † indeed, â€Å"fortune† or chance has led Capulet's servant to him † and this scene prepares us for the tragic inevitability of the play. The lovers will be punished not because of flaws within their personalities but because fate is against them.Ironically, the servant invites Romeo to the Capulet's house, as long as e is not a Montague, to â€Å"crush a cup of w ine. † Only fate could manufacture this unlikely meeting with Capulet's illiterate servant, as only fate will allow Romeo to trespass into the Capulet's domain and meet Juliet. In Romeo and Juliet, death is everywhere. Even before the play shifts in tone after Mercutio's death, Shakespeare makes several references to death being Juliet's bridegroom. The threat of violence that pervades the first acts manifests itself in the latter half of the play, when key characters die and the titular lovers approach their terrible end.There are several ways in which the characters in Romeo and Juliet consider death. Romeo attempts suicide in Act Ill as an act of cowardice, but when he seeks out the Apothecary in Act V, it is a sign of strength and solidarity. The Chorus establishes the story's tragic end at the beginning of the play, which colours the audience's experience from the start – we know that this youthful, innocent love will end in tragedy. The structure of the play as a tragedy from the beginning makes Romeo and Juliet's love even more heart breaking because the audience is aware of heir impending deaths.The Journey of the play is the cycle from love to death – and that is what makes Romeo and Julie so lasting and powerful. Age Throughout Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare establishes the ideological divide that often separates youths from adults. The characters in the play can all be categorized as either young, passionate characters or older, more functional characters. The youthful characters are almost exclusively defined by their energy and impulsiveness – like Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio, and Tybalt. Meanwhile, the older characters all view the orld in terms of politics and expediency.The Capulet and Montague patriarchs are certainly feisty competitors, but think in terms of victory as a concept, ignoring the potential emotional toll of their feud. Friar Laurence, who ostensibly represents Romeo and Juliet's interests, sees their union i n terms of its political outcome, while the young lovers are only concerned with satisfying their rapidly beating hearts. While Shakespeare does not posit a moral to the divide between young and old, it appears throughout the play, suggesting that the cynicism that comes with age is one f the many reasons that humans inevitably breed strife amongst themselves.It also implicitly provides a reason for young lovers to seek to separate themselves from an ‘adult' world of political violence and bartering. Revenge Romeo and Juliet suggests that the desire for revenge is both a natural and a devastating human quality. From the moment that the play spirals towards disaster in Act Ill, most of the terrible events are initiated by revenge. Tybalt seeks out Romeo and kills Mercutio from a half-cooked desire for revenge over Romeo's attendance at he masquerade ball, and Romeo kills Tybalt to avenge Mercutio.Romeo's desire for revenge is so overpowering that he does not pause to think abou t how his attack on Tybalt will compromise his recent marriage to Juliet. Of course, the basic set-up of the play is contingent on a long-standing feud between the Montagues and Capulets, the cause of which no longer matters. All that matters is that these families have continued to avenge forgotten slights for generations. Though Shakespare rarely, if ever, moralizes, Romeo and Juliet certainly presents revenge as a senseless action

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Fast food vs homemade food Essay

Homemade food is better than fast food because it’s healthy, cheaper, and you control what’s in your food. Food is the most important thing that keeps us alive so we have to choose wisely on what we eat. But some people choose to eat meals that are giving to you in less than five minutes than a meal that takes thirty or more minutes. Fast food and homemade food also have their similarities because you could choose what you want to eat and when you want it. Fast food attracts people because its ready to go anytime of the day and many people don’t have that time to actually make a meal. Many people rely on fast food because it’s convenient to them and you could find a fast food place at almost any corner in a town. Everyone is busy you’re a college student, you work a lot, or your kids are keeping you busy so you are always in a rush so you don’t have the time to make a actual meal but that doesn’t mean your eating habits have to be a rush. When you’re making food at home you have control of the ingredients going in and what’s not going in. When eating fast food you don’t know if its health because you don’t know what is being put in the food you’re eating. For example, you could go to McDonalds and get a hamburger from the dollar menu or make your own at home, they both look the same and are probably going to be the same size but the differences between them are the calories in the hamburger and the tastes. By making your own you know what kind of percent of fat is in the meat. Almost all fast food restaurants look for deals so they would buy meat that has more percent of fat because it’s cheaper than meat that has less percent of fat. People keep feeding their kids fast food but what they don’t think about is it could lead their children to obesity in the future. By feeding them home made food you will have more control of their weight and they will have more energy throughout the day. Cooking at home dose take time out of your day but you also save much more money than eating out because when you cook at home you could cook one meal and that meal could last you all day or you could save the food for the next day. For example you could buy a five pound bag of chicken breast and use it for different types of meals for the week. Also, cooking at home could bring you family together and make the preparation go by faster. Both fast food and homemade food have differences and similarities. Fast food is more convenient and takes less time were as homemade food is healthier and saves you money.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Comparisson of Leadership Styles to Henry V Essay

This week’s lecture dealt with the theories associated to the skills approach to leadership. The skills approach can be thought of as very similar to the trait theory. In it we use some characteristics from a person to determine their leadership strength. The main difference between these two approaches to understanding leadership is that, while trait theory discusses personality characteristics in people, skills theory focuses on skills and abilities that these people possess. Robert Kratz proposed a model for skills theory in 1955. It was called â€Å"Skills of an effective Administrator† and recognizes that there are three skills that a manager should possess. These three skills are technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills. Technical competence encompasses the knowledge, dexterity and expertise that a person brings with them to their job and that are integral to help him accomplish the task that he is assigned. This type of competence can come from a formal education, on-the-job training and/or personal experience. Some examples of technical proficiency can be how to use certain software packages such as Microsoft office, or Adobe Photoshop. It is not only restricted to computer and electronics use, and can also be the knowledge an accountant has on ratios and balance sheets. Some steps to building technical competencies are to first define your job, you need to know what types of tasks you will be required to complete. After that the next step is to become an expert at that job, either by receiving a formal education or gaining experience at a similar job to the one you want. Finally, the last stop to building technical competencies is to seek opportunities to use those skills but also to seek opportunities in the job itself. You do this in order to further expand your knowledge in that area and to be able to use your skills in original ways and learn new ones. Two other things that we learned in class this week was about credibility and assertiveness. Credibility is the ability to make people trust you and has many benefits as a leader. There are two components to credibility and they are: building expertise and building trust. Assertiveness is not bullying and differs from aggression. But it is similar in the way that you are a person that confronts people and do not beat around the bush. I was quite amazed by the portrayal of Henry V in this week’s movie. It was only due to his leadership and motivational skills that the British were able to defeat the French at the battle of Agincourt, even while being severely outnumbered. He did not have the experience that other people might have had but he learned as he went and made the most of the situations that he was in. He also displayed both assertiveness and credibility. His assertiveness was demonstrated on his first speech by trying to avoid battle and to cow the leaders of the other army to surrender. His credibility was shown even more by fighting alongside his men and mingling with them. This credibility also helped him deliver such a great speech as he did before Agincourt. The closest thing in real life that I have seen until now is my current manager at Sodexo catering services. She has an air of authority about her and is able to issue commands at will, but she also relates to the employees and is the first one to help in preparing and performing events. She, like Henry, â€Å"fights† alongside us. This earned her my respect and loyalty, much more than the higher ups in the Sodexo office that do not help out at events. This is a great example of both assertiveness and credibility.